Personal stories

Causes of happiness differ from person to person. But having your own place, a place where you fit in, where you are seen and listened to, and where you are given the opportunity to grow, these are themes that crop up again and again. It is remarkable that success often appears to be the result of how you deal with setbacks. This yields stories about happiness at work that are worth telling.

Ariana Karta: ‘Independent, thanks to my job’

You have to be strong in life. It is a promise Ariana Karta (32) made to herself. She combines a five-day catering job with caring for her little daughter. “If the two of us can manage well enough, it’s all right.” >> Read more (Dutch)

Joey Griffin: ‘This is where I grew up’

For Joey Griffin (27) things went pretty fast. What started as a job on the side as a cleaner soon appeared to be the reason of a surprising career move. Today, as a district manager at Gom Hospitality, his development has not ended yet. “I love to meet with resistance in order to learn.” >>Read more (Dutch)

Gerard Hollink: ‘Especially the relationship you build with owners in the food service industry is very valuable’

When Gerard Hollink (60) is called in, you know that beer is involved. What we actually mean is beer engines in cafés, restaurants and other companies in the sector in the Enschede region, for Gerard has been in the business since Tapwacht was founded. Now, thirty-six years later, the difficult question is how to bring a career to a close. >> Read more (Dutch)